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The Unkempt Memoirs of a Lonesome Boyo
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13th-Aug-2007 10:35 pm - Dieting, Day Two
cig, doodle
I feel odd. The dieting today went okay; I ate things like eggs and salads and meat. For dinner I ate some green beans with butter, that was quite appetizing. Although I'm missing sugar, I much prefer some fresh fruit and cereal with milk but alas, carbs! I feel my body beginning to adjust to the changes, slight aching, lethargy, laziness (maybe I feel normal after all, lol) and general different moods. I know I will start to get headaches as my body starts to eat its own fat for an energy supply and I can watch the weight drop off (hopefully)!
11th-Aug-2007 11:49 pm - Drops
cig, doodle

"Rain on the green grass, And rain on the tree, And rain on the housetop, But not upon me."

Im up early and it's raining heavily, washing away the dust from the past few weeks. When mother gets up at 8, we're going to drive to Tesco and buy low carb foods. We are officially on the Atkins diet and I'm dead excited. Size Zero here I come! (Joke)

11th-Aug-2007 07:51 pm - The Funeral
cig, doodle
Grand's funeral yesterday was probably the saddest day of my life. I, personally, was not as devastated since we have all had a year to prepare for his death. It was hard watching my family sobbing, especially my nan who is now on her own. I didnt cry, I think it just hasnt hit me yet. The service was beautiful and the Priest was very proffessional and caring. The organist was terrible and kept playing out of tune/pace, this added a hint of humor to the service. I thought I'd end up smoking at the wake to make myself feel better but I realised that cigarettes are not going to bring back my Grandad.

The wake just enabled us all to meet distant relatives, get very drunk and have a laugh. The food was good too. Me, my mother and my brother spent the night at my Aunt's house and came back home this morning. There was a sense of relief and rest amongst everyone this morning, I'm glad the funeral is over and done with. I just feel bad for my Nan now. I hope she's okay.
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